Billy McCall (b.1964) is a Glasgow based visual artist. He studied at Glasgow school art from which gained a BA and MFA. His interests are in the political unconscious as it weaves through popular culture, the behavioural consequences of the digital realm and the tensions inherent in Romanticism.

Through the use of nostalgic cartoon imagery Billy McCall makes arrangements that oscillate between the comfort of fond memories of the past and an increasingly traumatic and schizophrenic present.

He trawls and collects series of photographed animation production drawings and cels through online sites created to sell these objects. These drawings and cels, which have been used in original cartoons are then copied by hand akin to an act of homage which also contains a notion of theft.

The object is copied without any embellishment and adherence to the image is faithful however the meanings contained within the original are opened out by juxtaposition to something else, often the title of the work is the title of a YouTube video, a quote, song, book or newspaper article. The process of consuming the work is intended to resonate with online activity which shapes our shared imagination of reality.

Billy McCall performs as his own algorithm for your pleasure while simultaneously creating dissonance and friction vis a vis contemporary culture.